It is that time of the year where you start to think about your future. Whether your finishing your A levels or just wanting to get some more education under your belt the nagging decision is there in the back of your mind. But which one should you go to? Which ones should you avoid? Is University even right for you? There are so many universities too choose from.

I don’t have all the answers for you but I CAN tell you which ones to avoid according to the “Complete University League Table of 2017”. These were calculated on: Entry Standards, Student satisfaction, Research Quality and Graduate Prospects.

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The result may surprise you…

10 worst UK Universities in 2017


10- St Mary’s, Twickenham– dropped 9 places since 2016

St Mary's, Twickenham universities

St Mary’s, Twickenham






9- Bishop Grosseteste– dropped 3 places since 2014

Bishop Grosseteste universities

Bishop Grosseteste

8- Bedfordshire University– dropped 38 places since 2013

Bedfordshire Uni universities

Bedfordshire Uni

7- Cumbria– dropped 35 places since 2012

Cumbria uni universities

Cumbria uni

6- Bolton– dropped 8 places since 2012

Bolton uni universities


5- University of Wales Trinity Saint David– dropped 31 places since 2012

University of Wales Trinity Saint David universities

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

4- St Mark and St John– dropped 15 places from 2015

St Mark and St John universities

St Mark and St John

3- Glyndwr– dropped 25 places since 2013

glyndwr university universities

glyndwr university

2- East London– dropped 13 places since 2012

East London uni universities

East London uni


Finally…. the worst University in the UK according to the University League Tables 2017….





1- London Metropolitan– dropped 13 places since 201

London Metropolitan universities

London Metropolitan

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