The winter in Britain can be dull, cold and boring. It is too cold to go outside, money can be scarce because Christmas has just ended and it is easier to stay inside and watch Netflix. We have a list of five alternative things to do in Britain during the winter season that can cut out the monotony.

  1. Visit a museum. Free museums in LondonBirmingham and Manchester are easy find and offer some unique and well-know artifacts and paintings. For example, there are several Pablo Picasso paintings being displayed in the Birmingham Museum.
  2. Go to an Electric Cinema– While this might be a more expensive activity, it is super fun and memorable. Blankets and sofa couches and finger foods, electric cinema puts a spin on the usual cinema adventure.
  3. Eat at a cheap, unique restaurant – Here is a list of quirky and alternative restaurants in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Most are family friendly.
  4. Visit National Space Center in Leicester – With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium with its unique 3D Simulator experience and Rocket Tower is an awesome kid experience. Children costs are 11 pounds each; kids under 5 are Free.
  5. Visit Laser Fusion in Bristol – On Sundays from 10 am- 12 pm  a kids club is held which allows kids to play unlimited games for 10 pounds. Be sure to book before going.

Have other unique and alternative winter activities? Add them to the comments below.