If you like to get connected and engage with local communities this is for you! Alternative Britain has prepared an especial ranking containing the 8 coolest digital communities located in the West Midlands.

It doesn’t matter what is your tribe or particular interest. You will definitely find someone interesting to hang out getting involved with these awesome communities. From entrepreneurs, geeks or addicts to technology. You can easily find a friendly environment to participate.

Local communities are the best way to socialise and make new friends. Bearing this in mind, West Midlands has become a great spot in the UK to engage with digital communities and creativity. A wide range of great events take place in the region and most of them are FREE! This is another good reason to get in contact with these groups.

Don’t be shy

Finding local communities is much easier than you imagine. Most of them use social media channels and Meetup to promote their activities. Therefore, we suggest that you search an event that captures your attention and confirm your presence. Simple like that! Then, just turn up and enjoy the discussions. And don’t be shy!

In addition, don’t forget to volunteer and provide support to the groups. Doing this, you will be collaborating to improve their activities in the West Midlands and also the UK. Enjoy it!

There it goes the list:

  1. Silicon Canal:

8-coolest-digital-communities-west-midlands-ukForget the Silicon Valley! This great community connects entrepreneurs, people interested in technology and start-up companies. They organise a wide range of events to collaborate with the development of the digital industry. Click here.





2. Impact Hub:

8-coolest-digital-communities-west-midlands-ukA social enterprise community which offers a unique environment of resources, inspiration and collaboration to grow the positive impact in the local community. Members and collaborators inspire and enable people to develop their skills and the sense of community. Click Here.



 3. NetSquared:
A community for people who are interested in using the web or mobile technology for social good. The group helps individuals to make connections and create opportunities around innovation in the West Midlands. Also, the community is part of a global movement of innovators in more than 70 cities around the world.
Click Here.




  4. Hacks Hackers :
8 coolest digital communities west midlands uk
This group brings people together who are interested in explore the use of technologies to filter and visualize information. It is a collaborative environment to report stories as well as provide inspiration and new directions for projects. Click Here




 5. Social Media Surgery:

8 coolest digital communities west midlands uk

An informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate. Surgeries are deliberately relaxed. No presentations, no jargon, nobody telling people what they should know. Most social media surgeries have an event every few weeks. You can keep coming back for help. Click Here.




6. Birmingham Open Media:

 8 coolest digital communities west midlands ukA community which is based on a mixture of public and private partnerships. Its gallery is an evolving space filled with residencies, exhibitions and shared learning. This provides a critical and collaborative environment as well as an open forum for debate with public audiences for developing work. Click Here.





7. Open Rights:

8 coolest digital communities west midlands ukGroup located in Birmingham involving people who are passionate about digital rights. The community organises events to protect and promote digital rights in the West Midlands and beyond. Click Here.





8. E4F Incubator 

8 coolest digital communities west midlands ukA group created to connects start-up community through running and hosting a free workshops and events that allow entrepreneurs to meet each other. Don’t forget to confirm your presence at “TechWendnesday“, a popular event which takes place once a month in Birmingham.  Click Here.