Author: Kate Lancaster

10 must see Independent Films!

(courtesy of this amazing site) Run Lola Run (1998, Ger.), d. Tom Tykwer – fast paced, tension filled, unmissable Being John Malkovich (1999), d. Spike Jonze – thoroughly odd, totally without sense, very clever Shallow Grave (1994, UK), d. Danny Boyle – very violent, darkly humorous, entirely engaging Happiness (1998), d. Todd Solondz- depressing, very real and thoroughly independent Slacker (1991), d. Richard Linklater – artless, inventive, classic Withnail And I (1987, UK), d. Bruce Robinson – A. Complete. Masterpiece Memento (2000), d. Christopher Nolan – so simple, so clever, so amazing Donnie Darko (2001), d. Richard Kelly – a giant rabbit and jet engines… Reservoir Dogs (1992), d. Quentin Tarantino – bloody, influential, disturbing Clerks (1994), d. Kevin Smith – raw, funny, and brilliant...

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The Lost Rivers of London

We’re all familiar with the Thames, winding its way through the center of London.  But did you know there are also many other rivers and canals that were buried beneath the London streets, more than a century ago? Stand almost anywhere in the City and you will be very close to a lost river, enclosed by the Victorians as they developed a working sewer system for the health and well-being of the cities inhabitants.  Beautiful (and necessary) though the sewer system is, it does mean many of the waterways are lost to public view. If you wanted to see...

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