Author: Katherine Hemmings

10 inappropriate (but hilarious) World Book Day kids’ costumes

World Book Day is almost here and being a parent is all about embarrassing your child as much as possible before in inappropriate costumes. Wait… It’s not about that? Well these parents clearly didn’t get the memo and won the most inappropriate (but hilarious) costume award for their child. World Book Day and Halloween have become more about the costumes than anything else and while my mom was dressing me up as my favourite character Little Red Riding hood these children didn’t have a choice. From drugs to historical figures these costumes are darkly hilarious. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman...

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It is that time of the year where you start to think about your future. Whether your finishing your A levels or just wanting to get some more education under your belt the nagging decision is there in the back of your mind. But which one should you go to? Which ones should you avoid? Is University even right for you? There are so many universities too choose from. I don’t have all the answers for you but I CAN tell you which ones to avoid according to the “Complete University League Table of 2017”. These were calculated on: Entry Standards, Student satisfaction, Research Quality and Graduate Prospects. Before you send off your application forms why not read our article first. The result may surprise you… 10 worst UK Universities in 2017   10- St Mary’s, Twickenham– dropped 9 places since 2016           9- Bishop Grosseteste– dropped 3 places since 2014 8- Bedfordshire University– dropped 38 places since 2013 7- Cumbria– dropped 35 places since 2012 6- Bolton– dropped 8 places since 2012 5- University of Wales Trinity Saint David– dropped 31 places since 2012 4- St Mark and St John– dropped 15 places from 2015 3- Glyndwr– dropped 25 places since 2013 2- East London– dropped 13 places since 2012   Finally…. the worst University in the UK according to the University League Tables 2017…....

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Cosplay Interview- ‘xMadamMarvelx’

After attending many comic-conventions last year around the UK there was one cosplayer I always bumped into and admired for her kindness and love for the cosplay scene. ‘xMadamMarvelx’ is from Birmingham UK  and is 26 years old. Her first cosplay was ‘Super Sonico’ and is who she is most recognised for portaying; although since then she has cosplayed as ‘Gwen Stacey’, ‘Donald Duck’, ‘Marceline’ and many more. She admits she buys most of her cosplays but said that she recently wanted to make more herself.     When and why did you first start cosplaying? “I first started cosplaying around...

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