Author: Thomaz Martins

8 coolest digital communities in the West Midlands

If you like to get connected and engage with local communities this is for you! Alternative Britain has prepared an especial ranking containing the 8 coolest digital communities located in the West Midlands. It doesn’t matter what is your tribe or particular interest. You will definitely find someone interesting to hang out getting involved with these awesome communities. From entrepreneurs, geeks or addicts to technology. You can easily find a friendly environment to participate. Local communities are the best way to socialise and make new friends. Bearing this in mind, West Midlands has become a great spot in the...

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10 best UK universities in 2017

Beyond breath-taking destinations for travelling and a wide range of cultural events, Britain is also internationally recognised for its tradition and academic reputation. Bearing this in mind, if you intend to study in England, Scotland, Wales or Norther Ireland don’t forget to take a look at the 10 best UK universities in 2017 according to Times Higher Education World University. The ranking evaluated this year specific aspects such as student satisfaction, honours degrees achieved, research quality among others. As already seen in previous years, the University of Oxford and Cambridge still on the top two in the ranking followed by the best universities...

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