xmadammarvelx - Donlad Duck cosplayAfter attending many comic-conventions last year around the UK there was one cosplayer I always bumped into and admired for her kindness and love for the cosplay scene.

‘xMadamMarvelx’ is from Birmingham UK  and is 26 years old. Her first cosplay was ‘Super Sonico’ and is who she is most recognised for portaying; although since then she has cosplayed as ‘Gwen Stacey’, ‘Donald Duck’, ‘Marceline’ and many more. She admits she buys most of her cosplays but said that she recently wanted to make more herself.



When and why did you first start cosplaying?

“I first started cosplaying around 2 years ago for my first MCM convention in Birmingham, I cosplayed as a hipster Merida, i remember that day because it was freezing cold. I didn’t have any pictures taken of me because it was just the experience i was going for, and I don’t think many people realised who i was… why i started cosplaying was because i could never let the real me show, i was always a very shy and closed off person who loved Disney and comics, so the one day after seeing an advert on a bus for MCM Birmingham i plucked up the courage and i went to the convention which i always wanted to do and then the addiction started.”xmadammarvelx cosplay

What do you love most about cosplaying?

“I love the fact that i can be any character i want to, taking on different looks and personalities is one of the best parts, the other best part is getting to meet so many new people/friends.”

What is your favorite memory while at a convention?

“It is going to sound silly but my favourite moment while at a convention is meeting all my friends in person for the first time and getting to hang out with them, being friends over the internet is one thing but seeing people face to face is another thing.”

xmadammarvelx cosplay


What is your favorite and worst cosplay?

“My favourite is super sonico at the moment and my worst was my first cosplay my hipster Merida because it was so badly put together.”


What tips would you give any newbie cosplayer?

“Don’t let anyone bring you down, cosplay is for anybody and everyone. if you are not confident in yourself you can become a character you can look up to or relate to, you don’t have to worry about if store-bought or handmade cosplay is better it is all about effort and how much you love the character you are recreating, everyone starts somewhere and it is a journey that you should carry on going if you like the ride so to speak, cosplaying is a great escape from the real world where a bunch of people with the same interests can come together and you will honestly make some of the best friends you will ever meet just from cosplaying alone.”



Keep up to date with xmadammarvelx on social media- @xmadammarvelx


By Katherine Hemmings