Everyone who has been to London has probably visited Big Ben, The London Tower, Westminster Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. But there are so many sites in London that are just as unique. Here are our top three:


Chelsea’s Bywater Street-

One of the most quirky streets in all of London. The small, dead end street offers dozens of homes, each painted a different pastel color; from pink to light green, and peach to purple, it is a beautiful sight to see. Plus, walking through Chelsea, the prettiest part of London, is a treat as well. 

Camden Markets- This unique market is located in the old horse stables in Camden Town. Each stable has been converted into a small shop and offers everything from unique, vintage clothes and jewelry, to hats and leather bags. And if you are a foodie, you will love their food market.  With dozens of shops making everything from Venezuelan Arepas and Korean Burgers, to Indian street food and Greek Souvlaki, you will surely find your soul food. 

Shoreditch- The Portland of London. It is a fun and unique side of the city full of great restaurants and bars. Be sure to visit  Boxpark,  a modern street food market and the pop-up retail mall constructed entirely out of refitted shipping containers where you can eat a delicious falafel from Falafelicous or souvlaki at The Athenian.