Have you ever dined in complete darkness (other than a power outage) and served by a blind person? Time Out London put together a list for you, of some of the best quirky restaurants. Just my opinion, but some on the list aren’t quirky, but commendable, such as Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, where he employs disadvantaged youth.

The featured image is from Camden Town Market, how fun is it to sit on a motorcycle while eating your lunch? I’m heading there on my next visit!

Handluggageonly.com shared a blog post of “9 Unusual and Unique Restaurants You Have to Try in London”. Try dining in the midst of circus performers…

Visit London shares with us “Top 20 Quirky London Restaurants”. Who knew there were so many? One that sounds like fun is The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill. When you walk inside it looks like you’re visiting a friend in their flat.

What are your favourite and unique restaurants in Britain? I’m sure there are more that what these three posts have covered so share them with us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Anna Bryukhanova, istockphoto.com